Symmetric-key-based encryption for IoT-connectivity.

Reliable IoT-connectivity by tackling the causes of hacking – not the symptoms.



SECVRE develops maximal secure data connections for the IoT.

Our core competence is the development of intelligent and arbitrarily scalable symmetric-key-based solutions for maximal secure data exchange in highly critical IoT-applications.

Example: a maximal secure Car2Car- and Car2X-connectivity is the foundation for a successful implementation and dissemination of these new M2M-technologies within the boundaries of the industry 4.0.

In this context, the “Strategy for Automated and Connected Driving”, published by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (BMVI), sets the strategic and political course for the successful implementation of innovative technologies within Germany and Europe in order to make autonomous driving reality within a legally and technologically defined framework.

As one of the world leaders in automotive development and production, the Federal Republic of Germany takes a key role within Europe in implementing the strategy and has helped drive the introduction of pan-European standards with the aim to help shape a global standardization of automated and connected driving.

Maximal secure connectivity is THE most crucial success factor for the IoT, especially for automated and connected driving. Only if the data connections between vehicles and between vehicles and traffic infrastructures, such as traffic lights and traffic control centers are reliably safe, the appropriate legal provisions can be successfully implemented, thus enabling a wide and efficient use of these new transportation technologies.

The problem: common public-key exchange processes are not sufficiently secure for this type of applications.

For the safety of Car2Car- and Car2X- data connections it comes to protecting the data exchange from external attacks and manipulations. If a safety-related component is affected by such an attack, people can be injured in the worst case.

SECVRE provides software and hardware solutions providing a systemic elimination of MITM-attacks and enabling maximal secure IoT-connectivity – with a cost-effective, highly scalable and future-proof technology.

We go our own way in the development of our encryption solutions, detached from any of the widespread public-key methods.

Our own guidelines are as simple as uncompromising:

  • Public-key exchange processes are inherently unsafe
  • Systemic elimination of man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks
  • Protection against quantum computer based decryption
  • Total scalability
  • Low production costs
  • Applicable to any industry (industry 4.0)

Public-private key exchange methods are inherently unsafe against MITM-attacks. Therefore, we use a different and proprietary key exchange process.

It is expected that within the next 15 years, quantum computers will be able to decrypt all major public-key methods, simply by listening to the data stream (no MITM required). See NIST report from Feb. 2016:

SECVRE eliminates these risks through our innovative key exchange technology combined with future-proof AES-encryption.

Our technology is fully scalable and can securely connect hundreds of millions of devices.

The hardware-based production is extremely cheap and perfectly adequate for large-scale production quantities.

Our key exchange technology can be applied to any industry and has been designed from the outset as a comprehensive solution for maximal secure data connections of any kind of objects for the industry 4.0 and the Internet of Everything.

Maximal secure connectivity for your products. Made by SECVRE.